Sam Hentges is quietly having a very good senior year. In 13 games he is leading the Totino Grace Eagles with 21 goals and 11 assists. The 21 goals is tied for 6th in goal scoring for the whole Minnesota State High School Hockey League. This last spring, Sam and a few of the MAP directors sat down to talk about him putting in the work to really improve his game. Sam has always been very skilled and had a very high hockey IQ, but really needed to hit the weight room hard. Sam was 140 pounds soaking wet at the start of the MAP training season and today is 28 pounds heavier. He really took it to heart and set forward to make himself a player that can play beyond high school. The sky is the limit for this kid. There is no doubt in our minds that if he continues down this path you are going to be hearing the name Sam Hentges for many years to come.

How many years have you been in the MAP, and what is your favorite part about the program?
6 years. Meeting, playing, and being friends with different players from around the metro.

What is your greatest accomplishment in hockey so far?
Playing in last year's section championship.

What is your dream goal in hockey?
Playing D1 hockey

Favorite pro or college player?
Artemi Panarin

Favorite game day routine?
Big meal and a nap.

Favorite off-season (non-hockey) activity?

Favorite actor/actress?
Scarlett Johansson

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Doing something I love.

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