What is something that Bobby Clarke, Max Domi, and Brady Swanstrom have in common? All three have Type 1 Diabetes and excel at the sport they love. This year Brady, aka Swanny, lead Champlin Park’s Varsity team with 18 goals; doubling his goals from last year. Brady is going on his third year with the MAP program and has steadily elevated his game with each passing year. Much of that has to do with his hard work, attitude, and eagerness to learn. Combine all of those factors along with his speed and it is easy to see why he will continue down that path. We at MAP are fortunate to have Swanny with us and look forward to many more years!

How many years have you been in the MAP, and what is your favorite part of the program?
I have been in the MAP program for 2 years now, going into my 3rd year this summer/fall. My favorite part of the program is being able to come to the facility knowing that I’ll walk out a better player everyday with the help of the amazing coaching staff!

What is your greatest accomplishment in hockey so far?
How much I’ve improved as a player since my first year of MAP. Becoming stronger, faster, and being more confident in my game.

What is your dream goal in hockey?
My dream goal in hockey is to play at the next level past high school. (Junior/College/NHL)

Favorite pro or college player?
My favorite pro player has to be Max Domi. He is a great example of making it to the top level with diabetes. He inspires me!

My Favorite Game Day Routine?
My favorite game day routine is get a pre-game chicken patty meal with a salad, play a few games of Suey (soccer), and get my hands going before we hit the ice.

Favorite off-season (non-hockey) activity?
My favorite off-season (non-hockey) activity is playing a lot of golf and going fishing with my teammates.

Favorite actor/actress?
My favorite actor(s) is John C. Reiley or Matt Leblanc

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself becoming a diabetic nurse in 10 years or playing at a high level for hockey. Whichever one I do I will have to work hard either way to achieve it!

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