Parker Osborn recently enjoyed a very successful 2019-2020 season with the Mound Westonka Bantam A hockey team. The 14-year-old led his team in scoring by accumulating impressive stats, scoring over 100 points on the season! It is very hard to put up those kinds of numbers, which is a testament to his desire to be great. Parker is an ultra-competitive person that has high aspirations for himself and uses that as motivation in order to become a better all-around hockey player. The MAP/FHIT on-ice staff witness that competitive nature when Parker is asked to battle in game like drills. That same spirit was on display all season long, which resulted in gritty plays with the skill and ability to contribute in many different ways. The MAP/FHIT hockey staff really enjoys working with Parker, because he always brings an infectious work ethic and pushes others to be better around him. We are all looking forward to training with him again this off season to see what he can do next year, as he will no doubt continue to improve his game.

How many years have you been in the MAP/FHIT program? and what is your favorite part about the program?
Going on 3 years, my favorite part of the program is the competitive battles

What is your greatest accomplishment in hockey so far?
My greatest accomplishment in hockey so far is getting over 100 points in a season

What is your dream goal in hockey?
My dream goal is to win state.

Favorite pro or college player?
My favorite pro player is Evgeni Malkin.

Favorite game-day routine?
Favorite game day routine is shooting pucks.

Favorite off-season (non-hockey) activity?

My favorite off ice activity is going on the lake.


Written By: Matt Leitner
March 24, 2020

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