What is the MAP?

The Minnesota Advancement Program is the Elite division within FHIT Hockey. The MAP was created for individuals who want to compete alongside elite players and be challenged by elite coaches. The MAP develops hockey players during the 8 months outside of the High School season and mentors, scouts and recruits players during the 4 months of the High School season. The MAP has for 15 years worked tirelessly to offer everything a player needs to develop for its members.

Here are some of the many benefits each MAP Student is eligible for:

  • Access to on-ice training 5 days/week
  • 8 months of training
  • Unlimited access to gym
  • Dynamic off-ice training
  • Entrance. goal setting, and exit meetings
  • Competitive league and small area games


Prospective new members must either apply or be recruited for a MAP Membership. Upon acceptance you will be asked to register into our system to establish a player account and a payment account.

Payment Account: Training season for the MAP runs from Mid-March to Mid-November for HS aged members and Mid-March to October for Peewee and Bantam eligible members. All families will have until July 31st of their training year to pay their membership tuition. We are flexible in setting up payment plans and there is a distinct advantage to renewing in August of each year as the program is less and you have the most time to spread out payments.

Player Account: Upon acceptance each member creates their own username and password to their account. This allows each member to manage their on and off-ice training schedule. All players are assigned to a Tier which is decided upon by the MAP staff based on ability, character, work ethic and a number of other aspects. Players will be able to log in to the site at any time and select any day that works for them to skate or train off-ice with their Tier. Members can skate as much as they want or as little as they want depending on need and current situation.


We are an application based Program. Players must apply and be accepted before they can register. Once players apply someone from The MAP Staff will be in contact with them to let them know if they are accepted. If they are accepted then they can fill out the online registration. All accepted players must register to secure their spot before The MAP fills up. We will stop taking registrations once we are full.


The MAP is a membership based program for Minnesota's elite players who are dedicated to personal development in hockey and life. Similar to a health club membership, our MAP members receive access to our expert staff, our state of the art facilities, on and off-ice training and a wealth of playing and coaching knowledge during the course of a single year.

The MAP has one convenient campu, Schwan Super Rink in Blaine (North) to serve our members. We take great pride in offering the most dynamic program for developing players and young adults in the world.


We have eight tiers (Pro, Prep, College, Junior, HS, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3). The  tiers are based on a players potential to play at that level. You will be in the tier that best fits your ability and age. Players may be moved up or down depending on how they are doing. We never want anyone to be the best or the worst player on the ice.


Ice will be offered to all Tiers (Pro-Tier 1) 5 times per week during the 8 months outside of the HS Season (March 15th- October 31st). Ice will be offered to the Futures (Tier 2 and 3) 5 times per week during the Summer months (Mid June - End of September). Student Members can skate as often as they want. The exact ice times will be listed on your calendar once you log in.

We offer an incredibly flexible schedule. Here is a general guide to when the ice times will be:

Spring Ice Schedule: 1 hour of ice will be offered to all Tiers (Pro-Tier 1) 5 days/week Sunday-Thursday. Monday-Thursday ice times will be between 3:00pm and 8:30pm. Sunday is Game Day and ice will be between 6:10pm and 8:30pm.

Summer Ice Schedule: 1 hour if ice will be offered to all the Tiers (Pro-Tier 3) five days a week Monday-Friday. Throughout the week you will have 2 days where you skate around 9am, 2 days where you skate around 4pm and 1 day where you skate around 12pm. Friday is Game Day.

Fall Ice Schedule: 1 hour of ice will be offered to all the tiers (Pro-Tier 1) five days a week Sunday-Thursday. Monday-Thursday you will have 2 days where you skate around 5pm and 2 days where you skate around 7:30pm. Sunday is Game Day and you will skate between 4 and 8:00pm.

Along with the above ice times, we usually offer an extra hour throughout the week for Power Skating, Offensive Specific, or Defensive Specific and any member who wants to sign up can do so online.


There are always trainers ready to train, promote competition, and motivate the athletes. The MAP trainers promote direction during workouts in order for the athletes to get the most out of each workout in a safe manner. The qualifications of our head trainers are as followed: CSCS Certification, TRX Certification, Spin Certification, College Degrees emphasizing training, working under some of the best strength coaches in the Nation, and many years of hockey at the highest of levels.

Off-ice training at The MAP focuses on increasing the individual's athleticism in order to improve hockey skills, build confidence, and prevent injury on the ice. After building a technical base, we focus on increasing the athlete's rate-of-force. If you can move yourself faster down the ice or in small areas, you have a definite advantage. Off-ice development can be applied to any athlete of any age and any skill level; although, the training protocol will depend on the athlete's personal fitness level, off-ice testing results, age, work capacity, commitment and goals.

The MAP workouts consist of endurance, strength, speed, and power training centered on core stability and strength. It covers EVO Sport, lower body, upper body, plyometrics, core, speed, agility, quickness, yoga, TRX, interval training, shooting and stick-handling.

All Student Members can train at the campus facilities whenever they want during our hours of operation. Typically, members will workout either right before or right after their ice time, however it is up to the player. If they missed the ice session and still want to get a workout in, they can come whenever they want. Staff will be ready to help them.


We will allow up to 24 skaters and 4 goalies to sign up for each session. We usually have around 12-18 skaters and 2 goalies on the ice. Regardless of how many players sign up for the session we will have 4 Instructors (3 skater, 1 goalie) on the ice. The 3 skater instructors will be in full-gear skating with the players. There will be a Director who directs the skate. There will be a Teacher who teaches the kids and pulls kids aside to work with one on one. There will also be an Assistant who helps make sure everything is running smoothly. 4 of the 5 ice times each week will be: 20 minutes of skating, edge work, under-speed, over-speed, agility, quickness etc. (goalies are in goalie world). 20 minutes of read/react drills. 20 minutes of small area games. 1 of the 5 sessions each week is Game Day, where we will play small area games the whole hour.


This question is asked many times. What is offered is 5 days of training for 8 months. Individuals can come every one of those days or as few as they choose. Simply signing up for this program will not make you a better athlete. An individual needs to analyze their goals and what it will take to reach or surpass them. You can take advantage of as much or as little of the membership as you want. The average for most members typically consists of 2-3 times a week.


The MAP Off-Ice Training is individually centered around each athlete's specific needs, goals, fitness level, age, work capacity, and commitment. The MAP Training Season is structured for the athlete as follows:

  1. Length of Training Season (the training phases can be altered to fit the athletes development season and athletic schedule)
  2. The Athlete's Training Availability (training is structured based on how many days/week they can come)
  3. The Athlete's Off-Ice Test Results (training is structured to promote improvements based off of the athlete's level and testing results, which will show strengths and weaknesses)
  4. The Athlete's Goals (training is structured to help the athlete reach their goals in terms of their sport, general athleticism, and as a person)
  5. Any injury the athlete is recovering from


The MAP tracks everything a player does and records it on their MAP Online Player Profile. About every 10 minutes of working out is worth 1 point. So if a Student Member comes in and does 30 minutes of lower body, 20 minutes of upper body, and 20 minutes of core/flexibility they would get 7 points. Once we put this into their MAP Player Profile the Student can log-in and see that they received 3 points for Lower, 2 points for Upper, 1 point for Core and 1 point for Flexibility. We also give Student Members 1 point every time they skate and then another point if their Team gets an On Ice Win.

The MAP Staff uses this to track and monitor what each kid is doing. We want to make sure they are doing every thing they can to reach their goals. If quickness is a weakness of somone we wnat to be able to look up their workouts and make sure they are incorperating speed/quickness workouts into thier weekly routine.

Parents can use this to make sure their kid is taking advantage of the Off-Ice Training. Parents can log in and see what their kids are doing each day they come. Please note that we currently do not give points for ping-pong.


When MAP students begin the training season, they have the opportunity to take advantage of a goal-setting meeting as well as on and off-ice testing. These are used to determine the Student's MAP plan and what they need to do to reach their goals.

From here, every workout, skill work, and ice session they participate in will be tracked on their player profile. It's is for the trainers, students, and parents to track their efforts and progress. It will be used to help maintain a focus over the 8 month training period.

Testing will be done in the Summer as well as the Fall to track improvements and see if the students are really on the road to achieving their goals.

Every workout is worth points and one a student reaches so many points, they receive a workout point shirt.


Many of our players do The MAP and HS Elite League, HS Summer Program, AAA, Soccer, Softball etc. We go for 8 straight months and expect players to miss days for other things: time away from the rink, time with family/friends, other hockey and/or sporting events and much more.