MAP Hockey is Proud to partner with Smarter Hockey as a way to better inform our membership players and parents about pursuing their academic and athletic dreams after High School. Smarter Hockey Clients save thousands of dollars and countless hours by creating a strategic plan towards your stated goals and by avoiding the pitfalls that many families may discover along the way.

Smarter Hockey’s “Match. Fit. Play.” criteria identify those college programs that present each player’s best academic, social and hockey destinations.

Educate players and families to specifically articulate their own values and preferences.

  1. Build and maintain a comprehensive profile to define each hockey college’s characteristics and points of distinction.
  2. Compare each player’s personal criterion against each school’s profile to analytically predict their best college targets.
  3. Promote players to the junior leagues and teams that provide maximum exposure to their target college program list.
  4. Promote players to their college hockey team targets.
  5. Prepare players physically for the skill level and intensity of junior and college hockey.
  6. Prepare players academically for college hockey’s selectivity and rigor.
  7. Prepare players mentally for the psycho-social demands of junior and college hockey.
  8. To educate, prepare and promote elite amateur hockey players.

About Smarter Hockey Founder Tim Ostroot

The founder of Smarter Hockey, Tim Ostroot is by expertise and experience qualified to be a hockey player's independent education consultant. Tim is a former Senior Admission Counselor at a selective private university, a former Associate Athletic Director for Academics, a former NCAA Division III hockey recruiting coordinator for a championship team, and a hockey dad who helped his own son navigate his path to Division I hockey. He understands the hockey college recruiting and selection process from every perspective. Tim is passionate about hockey, and serious about college.

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