MAP and Smarter Hockey ADVISING PACKAGE ACADEMIC PROFILE + 3 Game ANALYSIS + One Year of Athletic and Academic ADVISING $2,495

A personalized advising service providing targeted promotion to junior and college hockey scouts and coaches. The Advising Package maximizes a player’s opportunity to advance. Smarter Hockey and MAP experts combine all of their experience and personal contacts to promote and showcase you.

Academic | Collegiate Profile includes:

Academic performance (curriculum, class progression, grades & test scores)
Academic acumen (learning style, communication style, academic attitude and aspirations)
Vocation and college major preferences and inventories,
Social inventory (demographic, geographic, cultural, recreational preferences and interests)

Based on that analysis, every D1, D3, and select ACHA hockey college are designated green, yellow, or red matches for each player, to target college recruiting.

MAP Advising treats every player personally and considers the whole player. MAP produces a three part comprehensive player evaluation that includes: A player evaluation that analyzes and describes your game; an academic evaluation that identifies the colleges that match your aspirations; and a social evaluation to reveal college campuses where you will be happy.

Nobody develops you as an athlete and as a player better than the experts at MAP. Our collaboration with SmarterHockey means our players get academic advising and academic skill building as well.

MAP Advisors have relationships in the hockey community that run deep and wide. We can effectively promote you to any junior or college league. We move our players up the ladder.

Through podcasts and bulletins, MAP Advising will educate players and families about all of the different junior and college hockey opportunities. We will teach you about the characteristics of every League and its teams, detail how each operates, and list all of their pros and cons.

MAP Advising will evaluate each player on and off the ice. Our 3-game video evaluation and our active player scouting will give each player an objective on-ice status report. Our academic profile will match your academic performance to the hockey colleges that fit your aspirations. Our social profile compares your personality and lifestyle to each college’s campus life.