Guidance $995 / year

Designed to give families the basic tools to self-promote. The realities of the recruiting process is outlined, junior league and college conference targets are identified, and a recruiting calendar, current contact information, plus basic tactics are shared.

SmarterHockey emails and podcasts topical information three times during the year.

  1. Planning Meeting (recruiting process and promotion strategy)
  2. Recruiting Calendar, Target League & Team information with contacts
  3. Email and podcast topical information

Advising $1,500 / year

Smart, strategic advice designed to effectively promote players to targeted junior teams and hockey colleges where they will best “Match and Fit.” SmarterHockey designs a personalized promotion strategy, then implements that strategy to showcase the player as a junior hockey tender, draft pick, or invited main camp prospect, and to hockey colleges as a recruited or scholarship player.

  • Planning Meeting (plan and prioritize)
  • Scheduling Meeting (targeted showcases and camp dates, progress dates set)
  • SmarterHockey player direct promotion to junior team and hockey colleges
    (personal meetings, emails, phone calls to scouts and coaches) for one year
  • Family advice updates and phone call strategizing
  • Q & A availability all year

Academic Plus Advising Packages

Academic Report + Guidance $1,695 ($250 savings)

This foundational package guides a family’s self-help hockey college search.

Academic Profile + Advising $2,695 ($500 savings)

This comprehensive package implements SmarterHockey’s “Match and Fit” philosophy to target hockey college promotion to schools where the player will thrive academically and socially.