Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire lives through hockey, both on and off the ice. As MAP Performance coaches, we aim to inspire athletes in the weight room, and help them achieve their goals through many hours of hard work. Along the way MAP athletes will learn many lessons about respect, responsibility, and self-determination that will not only help them improve their game, but become a more rounded person as well. With proper training, nutrition, and guidance MAP athletes can live up to their full potential in any area of life.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to build athletes from the ground up. We begin by identifying and correcting areas of concern, such as muscle weakness, muscle or joint tightness, joint impingement, lack of joint mobility, and incorrect movement patterns. By spending time addressing these issues we can effectively lower an athlete's injury risk. Once an athlete can move properly we begin to build a base of strength and power centered around full athletic development. It is our belief that by training a hockey player with a mix of hockey specific and non-hockey specific exercises we can create a higher performing athlete.

Off-ice Season Training

MAP Strength and Conditioning programs

Our off-season training follows a comprehensive program that is designed to increase each facet of hockey performance. Through a combination of various resistance exercises, plyometrics, speed work, and conditioning modalities, our program prepares any athlete for the rigors of the upcoming season.

Below you can find examples of various workouts completed at different times throughout the year:

In-Season Training

In-season Strength and Power Maintenance Programs

In-season training is equally as important as off-season training, as it is essential in maintaining the speed and strength gained during the off-season. Our in-season programs target the essentials of hockey performance, and leave out the fluff, in order to save you time, and your body unneeded stress, so that you can perform at your peak throughout the season.

Below you can find examples of our in-season training programs:


Nutrition is an essential component to performance. Without proper nutrition an athlete will not be able to perform at their peak, no matter how good their training is. As part of the MAP, we offer nutritional guidance to those who seek it. Support on eating and supplementation can be obtained by talking with our coaches. Further support, such as dietary recall and analysis, and sit down consultations, is also available in certain situations.

For ideas on athlete-minded meals, check out:

Additional Resources

For additional information on strength and conditioning, and achieving peak performance, please visit Tomorrow's Athlete.

Check out our YouTube page for more resources, including educational webinars and exercise demos.

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