About MAP Girls-Elite Program

The Minnesota Advancement Program is the Elite division within FHIT Hockey. The MAP was created for individuals who want to compete alongside elite players and be challenged by elite coaches. The MAP develops hockey players during the eight months outside of the high school season and mentors, scouts and recruits players during the four months of the high school season.

Below are some of the many benefits each MAP Student is eligible for:

  • Access to on-ice training 3 days/week
  • 8 months of training
  • Unlimited access to gym
  • Dynamic off-ice training
  • Entrance. goal setting, and exit meetings
  • Competitive league and small area games

Age Groups: U15-High School
Group #1: Elite U12-U15 | Group #2: Elite Varsity | Group #3: DI and DIII

U12-HS Membership Details & Application
Post HS Membership Details & Application

Contact Us

Phone: 763-717-3232
Email: north@maphockey.net