Austin LangworthyAustin was born in Mankato, Minnesota. He started hockey at 7 years old. Played Mankato area hockey until High school. He played 3 years at Mankato West. His senior year he put up 50 points. After High school he played junior hockey at Breezy Point and New Ulm in the NA3HL. He put up 135 points in those three seasons. He played college hockey at Bethel University for one season before making the difficult decision to conclude his career due to injuries.

Austin has been with MAP for over 2 years. He brings passion for teaching and developing hockey players of all ages including professional players all the way down to peewees. In his off time, Austin prides himself on his repetition and rigor of individual skill training to bring a new level of expertise in order to teach players. 

In his time with MAP/FHIT he’s been a role model for not only the players that train but leads by example for the rest of the company.

Austin’s goals for work is to help players of all levels reach the next level and excel their game in every way possible. Austin is dependable and committed to bring his best to work every day on and off the ice. His goals align with MAP/FHIT to maintain it’s great reputation and grow the company to new heights.

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